Providing Opportunitiesthat SparkLife Changing Transformation

Shine Together supports and inspires young moms who have Big Dreams so they can shine bright, in school and in life.

Our Mission

Shine creates economic advancement for multiple generations, by partnering with young mothers to further their education, build life and career skills, and nurture their children’s development.

Our Impact

Barriers Facing Today’sYoung Moms

Being a young mother is hard enough. Add in real-world barriers like housing instability, food insecurity, and lack of access to affordable childcare, and it can feel nearly impossible. The obstacles our young moms face don’t define them, they just make motherhood and life that much harder.

Of the young women we serve…


are the child of a young parent themselves


are currently experiencing poverty


are currently in, or have been in, the foster care system

Our Program

Breaking The Cycle OfGenerational Poverty

We believe education is the key factor in breaking the cycle of generational poverty faced by young families. We empower young mothers to complete high school, persist through post-secondary education, and nurture their child’s positive development, thus creating an avenue to economic advancement for the whole family.

Providing 1:1 Support

Young moms are partnered with an Advocate to build a strong relationship. Together, they take on the challenges she faces as a young woman and as a mother – from relationships, to parenting, to goal setting, and education.

Building Confidence

Our program is designed to build up a young mother’s confidence in herself. By giving her the knowledge she needs, and showing her all her options, she is empowered to make choices for herself and her child.

Changing Lives

Shine empowers young mothers with the resources and support they need to build a successful life. By positively impacting mothers and their children, we are creating stronger families and stronger communities too.

Pillars of success

Our proven, four-pillar program education model gives young mothers the resources and support they need to build pathways to economic advancement for two-generations: their own and their children’s.

Educational Navigation

Planning and achieving educational goals

Health & Wellness

Connection to physical, reproductive, and health resources

Financial Well-Being

Financial literacy and career development

Childhood Development

Building skills and knowledge to support their child

Our Program

Learn about our successful 4-Pillar Program


Our 4 Pillars are:
Educational Navigation
Early Childhood Development
Financial Well-being
Health & Wellness

Our Blog

Shining Examples: The Stories Behind The Smiles

Juliana & Alana

At the time of her pregnancy, Julianna was a Junior in high school, and she was looking forward to going to college. She visited one university, but as a mom, she felt like she didn’t belong there anymore.

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Evelyn & Matthew

The day Evelyn was put into the juvenile justice system, she was just 16 years old, and 4 weeks pregnant. Today, she’s helping other young kids facing the same obstacles.

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Kassandra & Jonathan

“Knowing that you have to be an adult and be responsible, a mother, growing up really fast…it’s a battle.”

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